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hellooo....jenna! Empty hellooo....jenna!

Post  eMiLy on Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:54 am

okay so jenna heres what i was going to tell u:
i went to pick up my sisters at school and my sister katelyn was being really obnioxious. luckily i didnt see him so it was okay. but then all of a sudden he walks down to the school and im walking back up and first of all he completely ignores me, like doesnt even look at me, but then my sister runs up to him (she doesnt know him) and starts yelling "dont call me a spaz! im not a spaz!" and all kids of stuff until i literally have to be like katelyn get over here now before i call mom. he looked really annoyed and confused. sooooo embarrassing! Embarassed Embarassed

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